"Desterra" / Lèche Vitrine / Prudêncio Studio

October 27_November 28 2017

"Desterra" is an archaeology exercise on geological and biological matter. 
The artefacts of nature are their history; they are the memory of the Earth, the past of the human being, the tale of the individual. 

Photography is a medium that results from the fixation of light and its absence, and from the revelation of the distances of things. When analogue, the photographic image appears after successive baths in chemicals that, in a few seconds, indicate what happened at the time of exposure of the film. Lets try to understand the surface of our planet as a photosensitive plane with exposure times of billions of years. "Desterra" is a reflection on the loss of a whole, an analysis of fragments of a bigger body processed in the eyes of the present. 

In the context of a memory construction, and in the dynamics of a space in constant renewal and reflection, Lèche-Vitrine (licking the window) is an invitation to artists and designers in order to appropriate and project, in the space of the showcase and interior of the store, new forms and readings that seek contrast and analogies, about the nature of space and the product.
Commissioned by the curator and art critic Rita Roque, Lèche-Vitrine aims to stimulate and be a place of reflection for young and established artists, in different themes that cover the exhibition year. For the #3 edition, and under the theme "LOVE" we present "Desterra" by Cristina Regadas. The exhibition opens on October 27 at 7:00 p.m. and can be seen until November 28.

Read the full interview with Rita Roque here.